Android App Development

Android App Development

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  • November 3, 2016
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Project Description

We create:

E-commerce Android App Development Dubai

Our team is the best android app development Dubai our developer team over the globe & we believe in creating the best E-commerce App which will enhance the online shopping experience for your customers. app development Dubai

Developing an e-commerce app is not just about the complex lines of code and cool graphics designing but also about the various strategies which will attract a customer towards your website. We have developed a lot of android app for our clients so your e-commerce so we are well aware of the online shopping trends in Dubai. We also provide you various features which will differentiate you from the other competitors in this industry. This includes:

  • Simple and uncluttered navigation
  • Simple Registration Procedure
  • Push notification
  • Highly customizable user experience
  • Your App will rank on top of play store!

Enterprise App Development Dubai

Any App which can be fluidly used in a business can be termed as an “Enterprise App” We can develop almost every enterprise app that you can possibly think of, Not only you’ll be benefited by our coding experts but also by the experience that we have gained over the years. We provide you unique android app development Dubai with unique features which are known by very few developers along with the most important that every app needs this includes:

  • User feedback option
  • Time to time update
  • Offline App support (if possible)
  • Full security

Game Apps Development Dubai

If you developed an idea for a new type of game or want to improve the existing games our game development experts will turn your dream into reality!

Utility Apps

We also make various customizable applications for our clients, integrate those with your business website and you will have a greater advantage over your competitors. We provide great features for your apps including:

  • Monthly Bug fixing service (if any)
  • Integrated feedback system
  • Push Notification

Common FAQs

Que: What are steps for developing an android app?

Ans: Steps to an android app developing in Dubai

  • First, you’ll have to give the exact description of the type of app that you want to create our development team will fully guide on all the functions and graphics that the app should contain.
  • Based on the information and data that you’ve given to us, we will start the development phase of the app.
  • All the features of the app can be changed depending on your choice.

Que: How developing an android app will help my business in the long run?

Ans: There are a lot of Android users in Dubai and UAE and everybody is not that active on a laptop and desktop. But nowadays smartphones are the inevitable part of the modern life so you are missing a lot of consumers if you do not have an android app.

Que: What are the benefits of creating an android app for my business?

Ans: The benefits of creating an android app for my business such as:

  • It provides more value to your customers as they can use it instantly wherever and whenever they want.
  • An Android App will develop a stronger brand among your consumers.
  • As having an android app will increase the amount of traffic on your website eventually leading to more sales thus more profit!
  • In the long term, it will bring nothing but more growth to your business.

Que: How much will it cost to develop an android app?

Ans: This cost of developing an android app varies greatly on the type of app that you want to create. As you have read previously that we have divided an android app into 4 major categories:

  • E-commerce Apps
  • Enterprise Apps
  • Game apps
  • Utility Apps

The cost of developing an app increases with the features and the complexity of the program. So the greater are the features and complexity more is the price.