Mobile App Development

AE Clicks is a leading mobile app development company in Dubai building agile and robust mobile application i.e.
both on Android and iOS platforms.


Mobile App Development

With the expanding market of smartphone devices, most of the companies are adopting ways to incorporate mobile applications in their business flow, in order to amplify their market outreach. AE Clicks is a leading Mobile App Development Company in Dubai building agile and robust mobile application i.e. both on Android and iOS platforms. We strive to provide the perfect solution for end users and companies that follow to achieve a solid presence in the expanding mobile market. We have been one of the forebears in the field of iOS and Android application development service, equipped with one of the best mobile app development teams.

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In the present age, our everyday lives are tied inextricably to technology. From ordering food to cabs, we rely on technology to make our lives easier. Being one of the leading app development companies in dubai our mobile applications are built keeping a simple philosophy in mind i.e. to be customer oriented. With a fixed eye on your budgets and goals we provide you the best mobile app development in Dubai. Our human centric solutions are aimed at providing the specific needs of our consumers in the most efficient of ways.

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What we Offer

Almost for a decade now, mobile applications have become a kingpin of innovation. Being one of the top app development companies in Dubai we develop both Native and Hybrid app.

Native apps

Native apps are what we normally think about when we think about apps. The majority of the apps on our smartphones are native mobile apps and they are built in a specific programming language, for the specific device platform – either Android or iOS.

Hybrid App

Hybrid apps are like web apps that are built with Javascript, HTML, and CSS and run in webview, a simplified browser within your app.

Benefits of Native Apps Benefits of Hybrid Apps
Fast and Responsive Easier to scale
Push Notifications One codebase to manage
Easy to tap into wider device functionality Saves time and money
Match app UI/UX to platform conventions Accessibility to device features

Our Process

For the success of mobile app, the companies need to do detailed planning about various types of processes. Well, before going for app development, you have to decide upon the way in which you would like to create and design the app. Being one of the top mobile app development company in Dubai we design and develop mobile apps that makes a presence. Each project we implement undergoes rigorous testing on our database, which allows excluding errors to the maximum extent.

Our process involves:

  • Understanding the purpose of the app
  • Understanding the competitors of the app
  • Documentation of all the requirements in detail
  • Designing the User Interface of the application
  • Developing the backend functionality
  • Testing and going live
  • Optimising the app for better performance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

Well,creating a mobile app goes through various stages and all these respective stages require different time slots. From starting of the planning process to launching the mobile application every process is interlinked and requires due time to be given. Time required also depends upon the size and features you want to have in it.

AE Clicks bazaar provide you with a cloak of well- engineered and robust security for your mobile apps by offering you mobile software security which is the utmost priority for us with well secured network connections and customer data.

Both ios and android is ideally perfect for the launch of a mobile app because of their global mobile market share but it depends upon the client’s budget , time and resources he can devote. Irrespective of this we can also consider to launch on one platform first and then on another or we can also simply leave it on the choice of customers.