Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used in increasing the number of visitors to a website by acquiring a high rank position in the search engine results page.


Search Engine Optimisation

If your website doesn’t arise on Search Engine Result Page, how will anybody know that you exist? Search Engine Optimisation is a methodology of strategies, techniques and tactics used in increasing the number of visitors to a website by acquiring a high rank position in the search engine results page. Search Engine Optimisation is separated into three simple phases- Analysis. On-Page and Off-Page. Successful implementation of these techniques creates stronger results and increases the chances of getting discovered by search engine.

With AE Clicks SEO services in Dubai, you can improve your search rankings on all of the biggest search engines including Google, Bing and Yahoo. With excellent SEO results, your website would drive original traffic and will always top the search result whenever a relevant query is made via any of the leading search engines.

Our Process

To impress Google’s search engine results page, you need strategies full of diverse techniques. As a premier seo company in Dubai, our optimization strategy is based on strong market analysis that our seo experts dubai conducts at the very beginning of the project. Using the most unique and innovative Search Engine Optimization techniques with a core focus on Lead Generation and Return on Investment we set ourselves apart from others as the best seo agency in Dubai.

Our process includes:

  • Website Current AuditWe run an audit to determine your website landscape. We provide technical audits which analyses your website to make sure that the search engines are able to effectively locate, index and crawl for maximum visibility. If not, we rectify and fix the following problems
  • Keyword ResearchWe undergo smart keyword research. We help in conducting detailed keyword research and provide specific location search patterns and variances to boost up your website SEO.
  • Competitors AnalysisBeing the best seo company in Dubai, we keep an eye on your biggest competitors. We dig into your competitors backend profile to analyse the strategies they have been planning
  • Finalising the KeywordAfter completing the competitors analysis, we group the keywords and take a final call on the best keywords that can be used on our website.
  • On-Page and Content OptimisationOur On-Page optimisation techniques provide your site the best on-page SEO score. By assisting you to enhance loading time, site accessibility and architectural structure, we assist you in creating a perfect SEO campaign
  • Off-Page SEO strategies and ImplementationFrom placing links on incredible website to writing quality guest post, we provide you quality backlinks to generate traffic to your site.
  • Monitor performance and Strategy twiksWe run frequent detailed reporting to track the performance of the website. We pen down strategies to provide you with more result-oriented seo service.


On page SEO Off Page
On-page auditing Blog Management
Competitor Backlink Analysis Quality Backlink Building
Webmaster Set Up PR Submission
Meta Optimization Forum Posting
Content Optimization Business Profile Listings
Header Tag Optimization Blog Comments
Robot Text Optimization RSS Feed Submission
Site Map Creation Search Engine Submissions
Fixing Issues Social Bookmarking
SEO Friendly URL rewriting Directory Sharing
Internal page Infographic Sharing
Image Resizing Image Sharing
Image Alt Tag Classified Ads Posting
Speed Optimization TopOnSEO

Our Guarantee

As a top Seo consultant in Dubai, we promise you to deliver at least 70% of our targeted keywords on the first page of search engine results page within 8 to 9 months or else we would provide you free service

Let’s Discuss Your Project

Some of the Advantages AE Clicks Search Engine Optimisation offers

  • Lowering Marketing Cost
  • Increased sales potential
  • Organic Traffic
  • Target Market Segmentation
  • Increased visibility

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

SEO is a continuous process. Within a few days of doing SEO you might see some initial results. Maybe you will rank on Google for some very obscure keywords. After a month, you will see even more. This all depends on the quality backlinks and the on-page optimisation of your website.

The rankings might be fluctuating because your competitors might be influencing the SERPs, pushing your website up, or down.

The cost of SEO comes down to two factors:

  1. The industry you would like to compete in the size and quality of your website.
  2. There may be a number of other factors that are taken into consideration such as previous SEO done to your website. There are times when other SEO companies did some good work, and other times when other SEO companies did bad work that it takes money and time to rectify and fix the problems.